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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is SkillUp?

    SkillUp is an online event where you can talk personally by text, audio or video with senior admission staff of universities and institutes providing data science, analytics & AI education.

    You can ask any questions about the application procedure and deadlines, course costs and campus life, and everything you need to know about studying data analytics and how it can enhance your career prospects.

    How do I login on the day of the event?

    You would first have to register for the event. Registration is completely free and provides access to all tracks/ exhibition/ Talks and networking lounge.

    You will receive the login details on your email few days before the event.

    Then on the day, you can just login from the link in your email and start chatting but we recommend you login at least 5 minutes before the event starts so you can look around and get additional information on the universities you like best.

    How can I talk with the admissions staff and representatives of the universities and college at SkillUp?
    First, make sure your camera – unless of course you do not want to talk by video and would prefer audio or text – and Microphone are turned on and the sound is turned up.

    After you Log in and enter the event, you will see some instructions and can watch a very short video of how the event works. You will then enter the event lobby where you can see all the international universities, education institutions and government agencies and can start talking with them. You can talk to as many as you want and you can also participate in the live talks – the schedule is always available for you to see.

    Enter a booth

    In the Event Lobby, you will see the institutions who are participating in the event. Scan through them and decide which booths you want to visit. Click the “Enter” button on a booth you are interested in. Once you enter: Click to chat

    Some institutions may ask you to answer a few questions about the course you are interested in talking about before beginning the chat. If the representative/s are busy with others, you will be placed in a chat line and may have a short wait. During the time you can look around the event, learn more about institutions or watch webinars.

    Reply quickly to questions and use short sentences to maximise your time as you have a limited chat period with each representative.

    You can access the chat history and your comments for up to 1 month. To access the lobby after the event is finished, enter the event just as you would if it were live.

    How do I contact the institutions I spoke with in the event?
    Even after the event is finished, you can still contact the institutions you have spoken with. Your chat history is saved in the specific events where the chats took place. Many will probably have sent you an email immediately after your chat so you can also talk to them that way.